CitiBike Launches – Getting The Most Out Of NYC


How’s this for WOW factor? CitiBike has partnered with the City of New York to partner and brand the bike for the launch of the citywide bike sharing program going live this spring. Stations were installed this week in the Meatpacking District along with dozens of other locations in New York City.

To go along with the in-person experience, which is branded and in high-traffic areas, is a new, clean and responsive website, Citi Bike, an upcoming mobile app and a range of other products and services included: riding tips, maps, pricing, events, demos, and eventually open data for anyone to access.

Why I’m Curious:

With over 10,000 followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter as well as the app/website and in-person activation, this was a multi-million dollar campaign and a huge investment in New York – both for New Yorkers and tourists. The emotional payoff will be significant, what will the business payoff be? How much does that matter to Citi or was this also a CSR/sustainability play that they’ll tie into their work with the New York City local government?


Share your thoughts.

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