AHHHH! Coke Launches 61 Unique Websites for Teen-Focused Campaign

Coca-Cola launched a new teen-focused digital campaign that spans across multiple websites, and incorporates a series of games, GIFs and videos as part of a multi year effort. “The Ahh Effect” is Coca-Cola’s first digital-led effort, and, notably, the campaign doesn’t include any television commercials.


From Co.Create:

The new campaign spans 61 URLs. The umbrella site is www.ahh.com, (two h’s) invites you to “explore the world of ahh,” and adds that while there may be many ways to explain how Coca-Cola makes you feel, there’s “only one way to describe them.” The other URLs  have different number of “h’s” appended at the end of the “Ahh”, containing a “snackable piece of content” that could be a game, a series of GIFs, or maybe a funny video. To that end, the “Ahh” sound-effect is woven throughout the programs, with the brand owning multiple version of the URL “Aah.”

All the experiences are not live yet, there are 17 up so far. The brand plans to create bi-weekly site reporting systems to understand which URLs are popular and which aren’t. Those that perform poorly will be eliminated and replaced. The campaign is best experienced on mobile, Coca-Cola said — on iOS and Android platforms, with no support for Blackberry presently.

Why Am I Curious?

I think it is a cool campaign particularly for the target they are trying to reach. And although I found the 61 URLs to be tedious when reading about it, upon diving in to the experience I found that, even though I am not the target, the multiple URLs create a gamified discovery element to the experience and tempt you to find out what else is there.


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