You Just Got “Punked” by LG, Again

LG is up to it’s crazy antics again. Last year, the electronics company installed a grid of its new IPS monitors in the floor of an elevator that created an optical illusion that made it appear riders were about to plummet to the ground.

Their “So Real, It’s Scary” campaign has taken a different twist for the sequel by showing models on the monitors eyeing unsuspecting men as they try to pee. Their new saying is “So Real, You’ll Get Stage Fright.”


Why I’m Curious:

I’m curious because it makes me think about new products in a guerilla marketing approach, a PR-able moment, humorous tone and how it can apply to social. Perhaps, the reactions are shared through Facebook or Twitter and the data collected on how long your “business” was delayed or if you were unable to “finish your business” at all provides you with the results to share with friends. Similar to reactionary tests. Also, does this type of advertising create a viral video that translates into brand awareness and sales?


Share your thoughts.

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