Smack Attack to Prevent Drowsiness and Boredom

A new toy for your car could help you stay alert and beat commuter boredom.  Smack Attack RITW is a an app through the iPhone via Bluetooth and steering wheel cover that uses your auditory and tactile senses that when hit produces the sounds of a drum.  It connects to your iPhone library where you can play the drums over the music or even have your own solo performance.  It works with mini speakers, FM transmitter, or through an audio jack

Why I’m Curious

As a commuter this would make my ride more bearable and replace countless hours that I find myself stuck in traffic.  It also can prevent riders from future accidents by eliminating the “highway hypnosis” by keeping them stimulated.  “Sleep researchers are finding the best way to fight highway hypnosis is through auditory or tactile stimulation.”  This is great, considering 60 % of American drivers feel drowsy and sleeping at the wheel.

There will soon be additional add-ons where you can record your performance and even upload it to the online community.  New features will also include inviting other commuters with the Smack Attack to join in on your performance.  And if you don’t have the steering wheel cover you can join in by tapping your iPhone screen.  The retail price is at $149 for the app and steering wheel cover.


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