New ‘Get This’ App Opens Up Social Purchases

A new app has debuted that creates a second-screen experience linking purchasable content to the television shows viewers are watching. It’s called Get This, and the free app shows viewers purchasable items on their iPad; items synced up with what you’re watching. Shows include the ABC hit Scandal with Kerry Washington, and the Carrie Diaries.


From Mashable:

In our multitask-heavy culture, chatting on social media networks while watching television has become the order of the day. We love sharing our thoughts in real time about the shows we’re watching. And as social media becomes more of a platform for like minded audiences to gather, it’s also becoming a vehicle for driving e-commerce. Brands are starting to wake up to this untapped resource and are trying to turn loyal audiences into loyal customers.

Get This works with each show’s production staff (producers and stylists), who tell them in advance which items will be featured on each episode. Then when viewers see those items, they pop up on their screens in the app. The idea being that if you see Washington wear a cute dress on Scandal, it pops up on your screen so you can buy it. An audio-sync button matches to the show and highlights items as they appear on screen. Get This makes money through an affiliate program with the 85 brands and vendors they work with.

Viewers using the app have three buying categories: original items from the shows, stylist picks at similar price points inspired by the real McCoy, and much more affordable third options. Her company began building the app two years ago after heavily researching viewing trends.

Why Am I Curious?

We have seen various attempts into incorporating shoppable content into TV programming, but this to me seems to be one of the more well-thought applications. I am curious to see if this takes off, how it may impact the product placements and the existing payment model for how stylists find clothes for the shows. Since many more people will find out about the brands, will the brands have to pay to be featured on the show? Or can brands demand some say in how their items are featured and who is wearing them? It will be interesting to find out.


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