MLB 13: The Show Hits It Out of the Park with Vine

David Geller

For Playstation’s MLB 13: The Show video game the company has used Vine to try to reinvent the baseball card.  They have taken the faces (as they appear in their Twitter profiles) of sports bloggers, baseball stars and well-known fans and put them into a digital baseball card for their favorite team.  They’ve made about 30 so far. (more at BusinessInsider)

Why I’m Curious

Vine is another one of those uber-buzzed about social networks that we in the industry are still trying to figure out what to do with. Playstation had to:

  • Get an artist to turn the subject’s Twitter avatar into a player in the game.
  • Play the game…a lot.  Like, long enough to get all kinds of highlight-reel worthy footage of strike outs and grand slams.
  • Then, since you can’t import video into Vine, they had to shoot it off of a monitor w an iPhone.

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