Magical Machine Finds the Perfect Pair of Jeans


The days of tirelessly looking for the perfect pair of jeans are gone! Me-Ality is a machine that takes 10 seconds to tell you exactly which brands, styles and sizes are your perfect match. Bloomingdale’s recently installed Me-Ality sizing booths in the women’s denim departments of several of its locations.

The shopper enters a large white, glass-windowed booth and a big wand passes by twice to collect 200,000 measurements. The booth uses light radio waves (the equivalent of 1/1000th of a phone call, according to Me-Ality) to detect the moisture in your skin to sniff out your size. After 10 seconds, a kiosk on the side of the machine gives the shopper a custom barcode that holds all of their size data. When the barcode is scanned, a screen will show all the jeans that are supposed to be the right fit.

Why I’m Curious:

I think this is valuable technology for Bloomingdale’s and its customers. The customized results saves shoppers time and emotional burnout caused from shopping for jeans, and it’s a great way to drive people into the store. More importantly, when a shopper finds clothing that fits them, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Additionally, less time spent trying on jeans may translate to more time spent shopping for other items. The ultimate test will be to see if the results are accurate. Depending on its success and popularity with consumers, perhaps Me-Ality will consider creating a machine for finding the perfect swimwear.


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