Instagram for Charity with #FoodShareFilter

Food sharing is huge on Instagram. It’s become customary for lots of people to snap a pic of their plate before taking a bite. The behavior serves little purpose besides making your followers jealous of the delicious food you’re about to eat. But what if your photo of sandwich could help a good cause?

#FoodShareFilter was created by DDB Spain raise money to El Salvadoran charity. The cost of the app ($0.99 download from the App Store and $1.16 on Google Play) goes directly to to an agricultural program in El Salvador run by Manos Unidas. Then each time you take a photo with the app, it posts to Instagram with the caption, “This picture helps millions of people not to suffer hunger” to build awareness around the campaign. (more at Mashable)

Why I’m Curious

#FoodShareFilter does a really nice job of integrated a charity effort with social. We’ve seen plenty of other campaigns that attribute a the number of tweets of likes to a donation, but there’s fairly low involvement from the user, and actually attributing those actions to donations gets a little murky. With #FoodShareFilter it’s nice to know that your payment for the app goes directly to cause. Plus the app seamlessly hooks up with Instagram and makes building awareness for the cause easy. I’d love to see a more widespread version of this campaign – especially in a city like New York.


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