Heineken Ignite: Interactive LED Beer Bottles

Heineken unveiled interactive beer bottles that light up based on gestures (cheers, drinking) and environment (music volume, not in hand) at a recent VIP party. The intent of the Heineken Ignite project is to create a memorable brand experience that unlocks the power and possibilities of mobile innovation and technology. The prototype is part of Heineken’s Lounge of the Future concept, and there’s no word if this project will see a larger release.

Why I’m Curious

Affecting packaging that not only amplifies existing behaviors but also benefits social sharing is the holy grail for advertisers. That being said, all those sensors and wireless networking doesn’t make it very practical for home use, but it could really catch on in big clubs if Heineken decides to roll the bottles out more widely.


One thought on “Heineken Ignite: Interactive LED Beer Bottles

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