A Great Big World Leverages Fan Relationships To Create Newest Video

I’m loving this new music video ‘This is the New Year’ by A Great Big World. It’s a video created from all their fan tweets. It does an amazing job of repurposing social visual content to connect with fans. This band recognizes and rewards their fans by pulling fans’ lyric tweets into the video. It used to be that you recorded an album, released a track, took it radio and prayed that it got played and picked up and became a hit. Not anymore. This band was unsigned when they were featured on Glee this season and featured on the Golf Channel. Their audience is growing with them in large part because of their forward-thinking approach to getting fans excited about their music through social media.

They’re making 30 Videos in 30 Days – with a new performance video every Friday speaking to their fans. Their social media presence isn’t huge across TumblrTwitterFacebookSoundcloudYouTube, etc. but they are building and also had a successful Kickstarter last year. They’re headed on tour with another social media music up and comer this spring – Julia Nunes.

Why I’m Curious
I believe fan engagement – for brands, music, anything with a heartbeat – is ever-evolving. It’s disruptive to have a band become a big deal without a big label and the machine behind them. What can that mean for other forms of entertainment or new brands across industries? What is already happening in other spaces that brands should pay attention to. What comes next?


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