Starz has launched a new second-screen app

The movie programing channel Starz, has launched a new second-screen iPad app for its upcoming original series, Da Vinci’s Demons. The companion app, titled Citizens of Florence, will allow users to choose a character type (artist, banker, etc.) and explore the city of Florence, the setting of the show.



The app grants users access to exclusive video content, including videos of Da Vinci’s inventions, scene pulls, interviews with series creator David S. Goyer, and deleted scenes. Additional content includes 360-degree views of Da Vinci’s inventions, 24 panoramic environments and locations, and one new mini-game for each of the eight episodes.



The app is synchronized to each episode of the show, and will work whether the viewer is watching the show live, on-demand, via Starz Play, or on a DVD or Blu-ray. 

Why I’m Curious 

I am curious because I would like to know what the engagement rates look like for these tactics that target multi-tasking consumer tendencies and behaviors.

Is this simply another touch point in the consumer journey that expands the reach. One thing is for sure, we will be seeing a lot more second-screen integration in the next year.


Share your thoughts.

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