Starbucks Pick of the Week Goes Mobile

Starbucks_Pick_of_the_Week_270x527Ever picked up one of those Starbucks “Pick of the Week” cards while you were waiting for your latte? Now the experience is being completely integrated into the Starbucks app, so you can seamlessly download apps, books, and songs while waiting for your caffeine fix.

The process is pretty simple with the Starbucks app – log onto the store’s free Wifi and you can download all the company’s curated picks straight from your in-app inbox. (more at CNET)

Why I’m Curious

Even if you were a fan of the Hootie and Blowfish song Starbucks was giving away, the paper card you picked up to download it probably ended up in the trash or the bottom of your bag. Integrating the experience with app and the Starbucks Wifi not only encourages more downloads of the already popular app, it also encourages customers to stay in the store longer to download their freebies. And maybe start a game of Angry Birds.


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