Lighting The Way To Sales

South Korea’s largest retailer, E-mart, has rolled out new technology, called E-mart Sale Navigation, to help shoppers find discounted items in its often gargantuan stores. The feature has been incorporated into the retailer’s app and uses Visual Light Communication (VLC) technology.

Shoppers inside E-mart stores install the retailer’s app on their smartphone and then place the smartphone in a holster attached to each shopping cart’s handle. From that position the smartphone receives signals from the store’s LED lighting, directed through a lens in real time. Shoppers see a map of the store and their location, along with directions to nearby discounts. When the cart approaches an on-sale item, the app flashes the coupon on the screen to alert shoppers of the deal.

Why I’m Curious:

I think this is a valuable utilization of VLC technology for marketing purposes. This in-store applicability is a creative way to draw more users to the store’s app. As this technology expands to use in individual stores, perhaps it will show up in malls and shopping centers as a means to attract shoppers looking for a deal.


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