Kit Kat Uses Last 50 White-Chocolate Bars to Make Posters

In honor of its limited-edition white-chocolate bars, Kit Kat gathered the last 50 and asked illustrator Mike Watt to create 50 original illustrations from them. After crushing and melting the bars, he created 50 posters for Kit Kat to remember their white-chocolate masterpiece by.

kit-kat-breaks-melts-paints-candy-bars-lovely-posters-148517 Kit%20Kat%201 Kit%20Kat%204 Kit%20Kat%202%20copy


Why I’m Curious

I thought this was a cool concept to bring attention to the last of the limited edition candy bars. However, what are they going to do with the posters? They showcased all fifty on Facebook, and out of their 15m fans, only 100 ‘liked’ the gallery. I feel like Kit Kat could have done more to get their fans involved.


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