Foursquare Goes All-In on Explore

This week, Foursquare released version 6.0 of its iPhone app. The release marks a shift in priority away from check-ins and in favor of the app’s recommendation-generating “Explore” feature.

Interface-wise, the Explore search bar now sits prominently atop the app’s homescreen. Below that, you have your area map as well as a streamlined feed that integrates your friends’ check-ins with recommendations and trending places. The check-in button is centered at the bottom.

Recommendations are now customized based on date, time, and location…For example, a check-in at the Frying Pan after work may yield a nearby dinner recommendation…Recommendations are served up in this fashion based on other users’ past check-in behavior.

Check out Foursquare’s blog post for more detailed information…


Why I’m Curious?

Since its launch, Explore has always seemed to me to be where the app should be focusing its energies, and I’m glad to see it finally take center stage.

With 3.5 billion check-ins logged, Foursquare has a wealth of data to draw upon, and the possibilities for the app to own the location-based recommendation space I think are pretty exciting…Having recently secured $41MM in additional funding, it’ll be interesting to see how the the app goes about monetizing.


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