EEG That Can Replace Passwords

digital-drugs-binaural-beats by Flickr user digitalbob8, licensed by Creative Commons

NeuroSky has developed a headset that uses electroencephalogram or EEG that could possibly replace the use of passwords for computers, tablets, and phones.  The headset transmits an EEG signal from your brain to the computer via blue tooth and requires a mental task that can easily be repeated everyday.  This is not necessarily a new development but NeuroSky is making it easily accessible and affordable to the public.

Why I’m Curious

The great thing about mental security is that it is completely exclusive to the brain waves of the person using it.  Simply breathing or singing a song can unlock all your passwords.  Yes, there are finger scan prints, retinal scans, and even already developed EEG signals but NeuroSky makes the Mindset available and ready to use for the public.  It is only $100 and is user friendly because it looks and feels exactly like a blue tooth.  If this takes off, writing down and remembering passwords could become obsolete.


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