Adidas Gives Marathoners a ‘Boost’ By Using Their Own Energy to Motivate Them

Adidas’ new Boost shoe has a special quality: it gives back energy during your run, with a special mid-sole that uses what you put into your workout to benefit you later. So to communicate this, brand created a Chilean marathon campaign that converted footfalls into energy into messages of support.

adidas boost

At the expo where runners had to go to register for the race, special mats took the energy from the footfalls. That energy was then used to help them run — as it powered to display motivational messages during the last (and hardest) leg of the race.

Why Am I Curious?

It is a long-winded way to make a point, but I think with the increasingly nebulous claims athletic brands make, it is a great way to bring the technology to life in a way that forges an emotional connection and hopefully makes Adidas more top of mind when it comes to running shoes. I believe this can be particularly impactful for the ‘lay man’ runner who may not want to decipher the plethora technological promises that different shoes offer.


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