Shazam Can Now Identify Clothing

Shazam, an app designed to identify songs by listening to them, will now be able to ID clothing seen on television. It would capture the outfit on the screen and direct the user to a site for purchase.

Street Fashion - Day 1 - Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week


Why I’m Curious: I am a big Shazam user. Blame it on my hometown radio DJ for not doing a good job of identifying songs while I recorded them to my mixtape or the age I grew up in when the car dashboard didn’t display the artist and song title. I blame these reasons for why I have no mental database of song titles and artists, which is why Shazam is my best friend. Now pair my need to identify music with my love of all things fashion and you have revolutionized my world, yet again. I’m curious to see if this would help boost retail sales by providing this knowledge, like it does with music purchases. I think every girl has been waiting for an app that is able to identify clothing on the streets, but TV is a great place to start. Celebrity style is becoming more accessible and affordable so it makes sense that there would be a large audience interested. It would also save time trying to search for a similar item online. If they ever come up with an app that identifies “street style” and saves you that awkward moment of having to stop them and ask where they got it, you will have made many wishes come true. However, doesn’t everyone secretly love the positive recognition of their personal style? (They do.)

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