Buick Designs Car Interior Based on Pinterest Submissions

Buick ran a “Pinboard to Dashboard” promotion that encouraged Pinterest users to create interior design inspirations for the 2013 Encore luxury car. The automotive company invited ten of the most influential fashion, design and food bloggers to participate in the promo and create their inspiration board. The promotion is part of the company’s efforts to reach out to a younger target market and show that the brand can use social media and have fun with it.

The winning Pinterest board was by Michael Wurm, Jr., a bed-and-breakfast owner from Pennsylvania. Wurm has around 4 million followers on Pinterest and his collection had beach scenes and sea foam-colored tones, which became the inspiration for new design deatures, textures and colors for the luxury car.

Why I’m Curious: We are continuing to see this trend of collaborative marketing as brands move away from marketing at consumers and towards marketing with them. I find it  interesting to watch an automotive brand leverage the Pinterest platform to trigger deeper conversations and experiences between the product and consumers. Buick’s creative use of crowd-sourced design through Pinterest serves as a nice example of social activation. I’m curious to see how Buick will continue to share content through their pinboards and if this campaign really drove sales for them or simply just deepened brand perception.


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