Perrier’s Secret Place

Perrier has created an elaborate new online gaming experience called Perrier Secret Place. The game takes viewers through a laundromat and into a speakeasy, where they can choose to explore the hidden world of intricate and mysterious rooms as one of 60 characters.

“Tonight you can be anyone you want,” says the concierge. By clicking on any character in the game, you suddenly see the world through that person’s eyes. These are actors, not animations, and you feel as though you’re really exploring an elaborate movie set or play. One with bottles of Perrier everywhere.

The goal is to find the “golden woman” and her hidden bottle of Perrier. The bottle prompts the user to enter into a drawing to win an exclusive invitation to one of the world’s biggest parties: a party in St. Tropez, New Year’s eve in Sydney, Miami Art Basel, Carnival in Rio and the closing of the Ibiza season.

Why I’m Curious

I appreciate how Perrier has added a fresh spin to gamefied content. The “choose your own adventure” style of this interactive experience is unique in that it allows the user to select their perspective of the environment. Sometimes the likeness of a brand can get lost in the creative. Perrier combats this with strategic product placement enmeshed with highly involved activity throughout the experience (e.g., the goal is to find a bottle of Perrier), a key to driving home brand awareness and resonance. Further, the incentive is very much on brand, relevant to the experience and an attractive motivator for their target. The game is available through desktop, iPhone and Android, bringing wide accessibility to a wide audience.


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