Malayasian music download service creates geo-located playlists


Telecom Malaysia owned music download service Hypptunes wanted to drive awareness and downloads by offering geo-targeted music selections to users.

Hypptunes created a series of geo-located playlists that people could stream via their smartphones, and then buy. Called Music City, the brand geo-tagged playlists in locations across Kuala Lumpur in January 2012. So a jogging park might have a playlist of songs designed to supercharge someone before their workout, which people could listen to as running. Or a playlist for a commuter route might feature music to wake up and brighten up people’s Monday morning ride to work.

Results: Individual downloads of songs grew 22%. Album sales grew from zero to three per user.

Why I’m curious:

Several music services are offering music recommendations based on user’s mood. I like this new twist of adding geo-location to the service. By curating location-specific playlists, the brand does the work for people, and shrewdly beats retailers like Amazon by offering something completely specific to the city itself.


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