Dos Equis Moves the Celebration of Cinco De Mayo to May 2nd (Dos De Mayo)

– Jordan

Dos Equis anticipates the upcoming celebration of Cinco de Mayo and the fact that it is falling on a Sunday when bars in a lot of cities are closed or less busy than usual. In an effort to ensure strong sales this year they are encouraging people to celebrate on the 2nd of May for Dos de Mayo.

From Contagious:

Mexican beer bumps up holiday to ensure open bars and beer stores

With Cinco de Mayo falling on a Sunday this year – not traditionally a great day for beer sales – Mexican beer brand Dos Equis has decided to take matters into its own hands. Working with Euro RSCG, the brew brand is suggesting a change from ‘el cinco’ of May to, appropriately, ‘el dos’. Instead of the traditional celebration on the fifth, the brand is suggesting that people celebrate a few days early, on the second.

On the Dos de Mayo microsite, Dos Equis encourages drinkers to mobilise their friends via social media and get the party started on Thursday, not Sunday. ‘Sunday does not work for me,’ explained the Dos Equis spokesperson known as The Most Interesting Man In The World. ‘I teach a rattlesnake-charming class early on Monday and if the snakes are not solid with sleep for eight hours, pfft, no good.’

The campaign microsite includes a bar locator that will pinpoint bars serving Dos Equis near your location, along with recipes for food and drinks, and ten recommended new bands for your listening pleasure. Dos Equis has also created a Facebook tool so people can invite their friends to a Dos de Mayo party. In the 30 days before the holiday, the brand will be updating its site with recipes and ‘fiesta tips’ that it promises will ‘make your Dos de Mayo event more interesting.’

The beer brand has also partnered with Maxim magazine to throw a Dos de Mayo party. People can enter a draw to win a trip to the Dos de Mayo festivities in Los Angeles on 2 May.

Why I’m curious:

Granted there are some fans of Dos Equis most interesting man in the world but will people really be willing to change a holiday because he says so? With very little reasoning behind why the move should take place I am curious to see how much movement this nudge to celebrate Dos de Mayo will actually create. Currently the video’s popularity on the brand’s Facebook page is not moving the interest meter much at all, but maybe that will change as the holiday draws closers.


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