Wifi Equipped Movie Posters

South Korean agency, Cheil wanted to get more people to pay attention to movie posters for the film called The Berlin File. But instead of slapping a QR code on and hoping someone scans it, they decided to add wifi to the posters.

A wifi-enabled device was installed with every movie poster. Then when someone neared the poster, a wifi connection with the movie would appear and when clicked it would automatically load details about the film, links to trailers and the chance to purchase cinema tickets. After that, the wifi could continue to be used for some browsing.
Why I’m Curious
Grabbing someone’s attention with a connection to wifi is great (as long as their phone is set to show the alerts) – especially at places like bus stops where a boost of connectivity is often needed. The bonus material offered with the poster may not be the most inciting incentive for someone to connect, but I’m curious to see how other brands and services could offer something more useful or interesting.

Share your thoughts.

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