Volkswagen Conquers The DVR Fast-Forward Challenge

In a time when more than 80% of TV viewers fast forward through commercials, what’s an advertiser to do? Volkswagen found the answer in a Slowmercial – a TV ad that works for both normal and delayed viewing.

The new Slowmercial for the Volkswagen Beetle is an almost static TVC that if viewed while in Fast Forward mode on DVR, you’ll experience the ad as if it were in print. The buy aligned with the most popular TV series that also have a significant level of delayed viewership, like Bones and Homeland and recently aired 16 March – 26 March.  Because the ad will reach both live & delayed viewers, it’s projected that the “slowmercial” will have 50% more impact than an ordinary commercial.

Why I’m Curious: 

It’s great to see an agency and a brand partnering to embrace the shift in TV viewing behavior and turn it to their advantage instead of just ignoring significant change. They make the most of the “new” medium by keeping the creative approach simple and impactful with the focus on just one key message.  But doesn’t it look suspiciously like a giant banner ad?


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