Pinterest to Dashboard–Buick Designs Car Based On Pinterest Board

In an effort to show Buick’s more playful side and reach a younger audience, the car company contacted a handful of influential design, fashion and food bloggers to create a Pinterest board based on their personal style and inspirations. Buick then designed the 2013 Encore luxury car based on the winning pinner’s board and unveiled it at the New York Auto Show. As a result, the brand has received a high volume of positive input from the Pinterest community.



Why I’m Curious

Since Pinterest is a top platform and leads to more sales than Facebook, every brand is trying to figure out how to tap into that community and their pockets. I’m always intrigued by Pinterest campaigns that go beyond “Pin it to Win it.” I think that Buick was bold taking someone’s designs and creating the actual car. Granted it was more inspired based on the board, but they are the experts. The car won’t be available to the market, but said they would be open to rolling it out in the future. I’m curious if that statement comes true and if people will start to not only demand more input but expect it. What if one day our cars could be customized as easily as our Nike sneakers.


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