Mountain Dew Goes Mobile with Kickstart

To support the launch of their new beverage, Kickstart, Mountain Dew has turned to mobile – In addition to a launch TV spot, the brand will be running mobile banners (that drive to a mobile landing page), as well as an Instagram campaign.

Banners are running exclusively on ESPN properties. Tap a banner for more info on the landing page, as well as a rundown on the Instagram campaign…In keeping with the beverage’s positioning as an alternative to coffee/tea/juice for the Mountain Dew crowd the brand asks that user’s submit early morning “extreme” moments with hashtags #KICKSTARTYOURDAY and #DAWNPATROL.


Why I’m Curious?

While certainly not ground-breaking, this is the type of bread-and-butter mobile work we should be recommending where appropriate…The work and the chosen media all align very closely with what it is Mountain Dew is trying to do with the brand.


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