Find Your Critic

UntitledDeutsch LA has been working with Pop Secret on various experimental projects to connect the popcorn brand with movies. After Pop Search, a Google Chrome add-on that let you find a way to watch the movie you want online, they’ve now come up with “Find Your Critic.” This tool connects with Rotten Tomatoes so you can rate movies online, then match your opinions with those of professional movie critics.

Why I’m Curious: We used to turn to critics because they knew more than us – they were experts, their point of view was nuanced or even scholarly, and their opinion mattered. Now, we apparently only value critics’ opinions if they are close to our own. I’m all for personalization, but per our conversation last week, this is yet another example of the Web becoming a self-fulfilling destination that serves up content that we are guaranteed to like/agree with.


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