Dove Makes Men Rethink Reaching for the Random Shampoo Bottle in the Shower

– Jordan

Dove creates a hilarious video to show why men should use a mans shampoo, finally explaining why there is a different shampoo for men and women.

From Mashable:

Everybody wants gorgeous, free-flowing hair, right? Not men — at least, according to a new Dove commercial in Brazil.

The commercial shows an average male cubicle worker showing up to the office with Fabio-style locks, complete with their own seductive soundtrack. His co-worker quickly points out the phenomenon is the result of new shampoo.

Simply put: His hair is a little too beautiful. Good problem?

Why I’m curious:

To follow the hilarious of Old Spice in the personal care area I think this particular execution nails being hilarious with out over doing it. (okay, maybe a little) But a lot of brands miss the mark and just can’t seem to quite get the humor right. Also, the brand mentioned that men don’t want these luscious locks and prefer some other sort of hair effect? If so, what is it?


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