Video Advertising is Hard. YuMu Technology Makes it Easy

YuMe, has integrated brand safety metrics into its Placement Quality Index (PQI), which grades the value of all video ad inventory available on sites and apps. Analyzing each digital publisher and app on the site list. These PQI algorithm factors in brand lift, driving signals such as video player size and location, content type, and past campaign performance metrics across publishers and apps to help advertisers pick the best possible placements to meet their campaign objectives.

When testing the enhanced PQI with clients PHD, Digitas, and MEC, YuMe says all PQI-optimized video ad campaigns generated an average 15% lift in completion rates and an average of 30% lift in interaction rates versus YuMe category benchmarks. The PQI also blocks ads from being syndicated on blacklisted or unapproved sites or apps.

PQI video

Why I am curious:

I am curious, because If this tools does what it says it can then it may decrease the need for media agencies. Or it may it may increase the money spend with creative.


Share your thoughts.

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