The World’s Fastest Agency

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The concept behind the World’s Fastest Agency is simple: deposit a nonrefundable $999 via PayPal, tweet your 140 character creative brief to @FastestAgency and within 24 hours you’ll receive a 140 creative idea via Direct Message.

A networked team of creatives is behind that service that is capable of outputting tag lines, product and service naming, communications platforms, and stunts at lighting-fast speed. According to their press release:

“WFA helps time-pressured clients keep pace with the lightening fast 24/7 global media and social culture.

Clients can say goodbye to 100-page PowerPoint decks, meetings, weeks of fee negotiation, countless emails, more meetings, lunch, meetings, scope of work to-ing and fro-ing, meetings, more emails, Q&A sessions, tissue meetings, inaudible conference call, pitch, feedback, feedback on the feedback, re-briefing, re-pitching, another meeting, more feedback, focus groups, another meeting, more emails….” (more at PSFK).

Why I’m Curious

Stripping down to the bare minimum can be tough. But a culture of social media and short attention spans calls for it. I’m really curious about how the WFA will pan out – it has the potential is turn out some great ideas in a very speedy fashion. But the crux of the whole scheme is clients that not only understand the culture, but are willing to adapt to it.


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