Tesco launches egg treasure hunt for Easter

Find the Eggs in Tesco’s Easter campaign, which takes the form of an egg hunt through the streets of wherever you live, using Google Street View technology. Thousands of virtual eggs are hidden across the U.K. — you can still play elsewhere in the world, you just can’t win the prizes — and you can walk around your neighborhood to find them. Once you win three eggs, you win a chocolate bunny — and if you get golden eggs, you might win a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 12.13.31 PM


Why I’m Curious

Tesco’s Easter egg hunt is a simple and fun way to celebrate the holiday. While their FAQs say they are just running the promo for fun, they are also driving foot traffic into their Tesco stores (to redeem chocolate eggs), and collecting thousands of email addresses (to send people their coupons).   The additional incentive of finding a golden egg with a Samsung Galaxy is sure to have a few people glued to their desktops or mobile phones all day long.

via @Creativity-Online


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