Keep Your Notes With Google Keep

There is a new app for the Android 4.0 that allows you to keep notes, voice memos, checklists, and photos organized and easy to retrieve.  Google Keep lets you quickly jot down notes, search through your archives, and even syncs with your Google drive.  The app is simple to use and great for that on the go thought you can’t be without.

Why I’m Curious

Google Keep is the next favorite in note-taking.  It includes the options to create a note, checklist, audio note, and snap photo that are all available in the Icon menu located at the top of the app.  You can color coordinate your notes and check lists and can either view your notes in grid form or scroll menu.

Some of the coolest features are that you can transcribe audio notes to texts and add text to your photo note.  All notes and checklists can be archived or deleted when finished and if you want to recall a note you can conveniently search for them or look in your archived notes.  Maybe the greatest thing about Google Keep is that all of your content is stored through your Google Drive.  Your content is stored in the cloud so if you are not on your mobile device you can fetch it without difficulty.


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