Introducing Foursquare for Cocktails

Ever had an amazing cocktail, drink multiple of that cocktail, and completely forget what was in it? Lucky for you, a new app can help. Elixr is available for iPhone and iPod and allows users to take photos of delicious drinks and check in to see where your friends are drinking.

From PSFK,

Besides sharing, photographing and noting, users can submit thoughts and images to other social network sites to further the exposure of their discoveries. One caveat: given its content, the app is only available for people over 17 years of age.

elixir elixir2

Why I’m Curious

I think this is a cool idea, and maybe it’s just because the app is new, but it seems like the photos that are currently uploaded are anything but interesting. Not only are multiple a “Private Venue” aka someone’s home, but I think in order for this to take off it has to do more than share a photo of Maker’s Mark or a bottled beer on a coaster.

If the app was targeted more towards mixology or another way to find which bars are the best to enjoy a certain drink, it might offer more utility.


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