How to use Vine, pt. II

Film studio, FilmDistrict is experimenting with Vine for the promotion of its new film, Olympus Has Fallen. The studio has held a number of free advance screenings of the film, and is encouraging viewers to post their six-second reviews to Vine with the hashtag #OlympusHasFallen. User submitted Vines are then collected, presumably curated in some way, and posted to a campaign microsite.


Why I’m Curious?

It’s fun experimenting with new platforms…And it of course takes time to identify the best ways to use them.

I see this campaign smartly capitalizing upon the eagerness of early-adopters to find any way to make use of the platform, as well as making the “ask” (i.e. tape yourself talking about the movie) simple and straightforward (contrast this with an ask that might require a bit more creativity/effort on behalf of users).

While both of these factors might add up to a lot of submissions, if it’s the intent to have people actually engage with the content…it better be interesting. And it’s not. At the end of the day, do I really care what someone who is neither my friend nor a critic has to say about a movie?


Share your thoughts.

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