Chrome Peanut Gallery: Create Silent Films With Your Voice

Peanut Gallery uses Google’s new Web Speech API to convert your speech into text, creating intertitles to silent film clips. To use the tool, open up Google Chrome and go to There, you can select a black-and-white movie segment. As it plays, any words you vocalize will appear as old-timey titles. You can then share your clip with your friends, complete with music.

Why I’m Curious:

As Google continues to develop and refine Google Glass, it’s neat to see that they’re working on voice recognition. Peanut Gallery’s voice recognition isn’t perfect yet (you have to be in a quiet space for it to work and if you want punctuation you have to say “comma” or “question mark”), but it’s is a fun way for people to use the tool and share with friends. On the business side, it’s a brilliant way to get people to use Chrome, and it provides Google with useful information from public use, that can help refine the tool.


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