Quantified Life: Swedish Energy Company Allows Users to Monitor Energy in Real-Time

– Jordan

Utility provider helps people in Sweden cut their energy usage by creating away to track energy usage in real-time via an app. The experiment took place for 1 year and included over 10,000 citizens to answer one question, “If we knew how much electricity we used, would it change our behavior?”

From Contagious:

Challenge / If we knew how much electricity we used, would it change our behavior? Well, that’s what e.on’s Swedish arm, e.on Energispar, wanted to find out in a recent experiment.

Solution / The brand partnered with energy solutions provider Wireless Maingate to develop a measurement tool, called 100koll, which displays energy consumption in real-time.

Working with Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, e.on then recruited 10,000 participants to take part in Sweden’s Largest Energy Experiment. Each person was given an app which connected to their homes and monitored their power usage. The data collected was then visualised in five different ways – one was a virtual battle between participants, another was a furry Tamagotchi, whose health depended on each user’s energy consumption habits. The video above shows the games in more detail.

A data visualisation website, open to everyone in Sweden, also enabled people to monitor their progress. Users could see who had saved the most energy, identify which regions of the country were the best at turning off their devices, and even compare their energy-saving efforts to other people with similar sized homes.

In addition to this, everyone was encouraged to share energy-saving tips on the experiment website, and the best ideas were turned into a comic book by esteemed Swedish cartoonist Henrik Lange. These drawings were also used in OOH advertising.

Results / Participants changed their habits and lowered their energy consumption by an average of 12%.

Why I’m curious:

As trends happen, new ones emerge. SXSW was all about the quantified self but maybe the next step with the help of technology will be a quantified life bringing in aspects of every piece of your life and allowing you to optimize and tweak them in real time.


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