SXSWi Jumps The Shark – Grumpy Cat Crowned Queen of Social

When Grumpy the Cat becomes the undisputed champion at this year’s South By South West …earning more than 3,000 Twitter mentions per day for three straight days of the conference” one has to wonder – just how good was the rest of the conference if a cat can rule them all?

SXSW attendees waited in lines for hours to see Grumpy (it makes you realize that waiting in line for an iPhone is far more logical).


Why I’m Curious: 

For the last 6 years or so, SXSW always had great buzz about keynotes, sessions, Start-Up Village…and social media was always a great way to keep track of what was “hot”. But this year, my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds were cluttered with posts that centered around Grumpy, parties and food.  And while a few speakers got some press, they were eclipsed by…a cat. When there are no interactive innovations during an entire three-day period that can trounce a cat, one has to wonder – is it all over?



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