Google & Adidas to Create a Talking Shoe

Google partnered with artist Zach Lieberman and interactive collective YesYesNo to explore connected objects by creating an Adidas sneaker that can talk and share activity online.

From PSFK,

The shoe works similarly to a fitness tracking device, using an accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth and other off-the-shelf technologies to analyze the wearer’s movements and offer motivating and timely commentary. It might tell you to get going if you’ve been idle for too long or cheer you on if it senses you being very active. Its comments can be posted to Google+ by the user, sent to real-time ad units, or broadcast via onboard speakers.

Why I’m Curious

Adidas isn’t the first brand to have the idea of merging technology and clothing. Just a few weeks ago we discussed Under Armor’s smart shirt, and the Nike FuelBand has been leading the pack for a while. It seems we want our clothes and accessories to do more than clothe and accessorize us.

I think it’s important to note that the shoes are not for sale, but I’m curious to see where Adidas takes this next. I have a feeling it wasn’t just for a SXSW stunt, but that they will eventually launch a shoe, a shirt, pants or something that incorporates technology.


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