GE caffeinates SXSW’ers with some face foam


For many people, a barista getting your name right is a big deal. For SXSW’ers this year, the Barista Bots got their portraits right.  GE took the makerbot trend to a whole new level at SXSW last week with the Barista Bot, which truly personalizes your that tall non-fat double latte by painting your portrait onto the foam…. Yeah…

The Barista Bots have arms that operate similarly to a standard 3D printer, moving along the X, Y and Z axes to extrude coffee through a syringe, atop a latte’s foam. The process starts when one of the robot’s human barista counterparts takes a shot of an image with a webcam, digitizing it on a nearby computer. Then the arm goes to work.

The bot was engineered and built by a design shop called Hypersonic working alongside Rock Paper Robot, Jamie Zigelbaum, and Kyle McDonald, as a stunt for GE.

Why I’m Curious

Apparently the inspiration for the Barista Bot was to take a common experience and make it interactive and fun.  This seems like a pretty gimmicky stunt but it does add a nice ‘delight’ element to warming up with some coffee – especially if you’ve always wanted to drink your own face.

via @Gizmodo


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