It’s a Wolf in Wolves Clothing Selling Deodorant…

Okay, Old Spice did it so it’s officially a trend.  They recently introduced a new Director of Marketing, and it’s a wolfdog.  With all of the trappings of your standard high caliber marketing director, tons of awards, a very nice printing calculator, and of course a Newton’s Cradle (what office is complete without one?).

Their latest bit of multi channel advertising includes a fancy new ecommerce website, a blog, a new twitter handle, a webinar on Ustream, another Twitter handle, and a slew of YouTube Videos.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 9.37.36 AM

Why I’m Curious

This is just another great example of brands leveraging all of their channels for a campaign and not being afraid to create new channels.  I am always interested in the depth of a campaign like this.  While it’s not particularly original (smells a lot like the MFCEO), it’s definitely deep and cross channel.


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