Visualizing Viral

Microsoft unveils new tool, called ViralSearch, that allows users to visualize “viral” with an unprecedented level of granularity. The tool, which is currently unavailable to the public, works by breaking down individual story-sharing threads into a branching tree – More traditional “broadcast” style stories will appear funnel-like in form, with one centralized source sharing out to a network of direct followers, whereas those stories that are more viral will assume the form of a complex network of neurons with branches upon branches of shares.

Why I’m Curious?

Data visualizing technology like this is on its way to becoming widely available – Companies like Chartbeat are working on tools that render these visualizations in real-time. How will this impact how agencies approach content distribution? Will agencies/advertisers assume roles similar to publishers?…Promoting and shifting around pieces of content based on real-time viral performance metrics?


Share your thoughts.

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