Unicef Turns Facebook’s Social Network into a Water Network

– Jordan

Unicef has create a new way to donate Facebook. The app help to give clean water to others around the world. The campaign is unique by encouraging you to select two friends to also donate, creating a potentially fast spreading campaign through the social network.

From Creativity-Online:

Droga5 New York ushers UNICEF’s Tap Project into its 7th year with a new social campaign that turns Facebook — the world’s largest social network — into a “water network.” Held annually during March’s World Water Month, the effort aims to provide clean water and sanitation to kids around the world.

The award-winning Tap Project originated as a simple request to diners at New York restaurants to pay $1 for a glass of tap water on World Water Day and eventually expanded to similar initiatives across the country. Now with the new Facebook push, those wishing to support the cause can visit the site, donate $5 via PayPal or text, and then pick two Facebook friends, who will receive water, as well as a message asking them to donate.

Facebook users thus turn into “taps,” and their networks, into “pipes” carrying clean drinking water. As more and more people join the initiative, users will be able to see their “water network” grow all over the world. Celebrities Alyssa Milano, Heidi Klum, Kristen Bell, Seth Rogen, Sting and Kevin Spacey are all beginning their own networks and tweeting about the campaign.

Last year’s campaign featured a simple, powerful spot directed by Brent Harris at Skunk, featuring kids all over the world thirstily gulping down a mug of water, as well as a print campaign designed by artist Tavis Coburn.

UNICEF Tap Project on Facebook

Why I’m curious:

I am very interested in the success/failure that this campaign may have. Once you donate you must choose two other people to open your tap to, sort of strong arming them to participate or feel the pressure of shutting off the flow of water. This technique could either make this campaign thrive or kill it entirely.


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