Nike’s 8 Interactive Store Windows

A series of eight Nike-product-infused display windows were designed for Selfridges in London during the 2012 Olympics. The reactive and kinetic creations interact with passersby in different ways, helping to show off the features of Nike’s products. The series includes kinetic drops that react to people walking past, to dunk-height jumping challenges and LED light flashing walls. Some offer a game for people to get involved in, others change their shape and design as a person walks past.

The displays were made in collaboration with Nike Brand Design EMEA as part of the House of Innovation collaboration.

Why I’m Curious:

I appreciate interactive displays that can stop people in their tracks–and these displays have the appeal and ability to do just that. The added game functionality, which allows users to add their scores to a gallery, opens the doors for social sharing and maybe even some friendly competition among friends, thereby increasing brand awareness. All this consistently aligns with Nike’s ‘Innovation’ messaging.

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