Food Brand Helps Fans Cook Via Instagram

Instagram users love to take pictures of their food. Especially when it’s a delicious dish they ordered at nice restaurant. So CT Foods decided to take advantage of this user behavior and is offering to teach Instagrammers how to cook the foods they’re sharing.

All you have to do is take a picture of the food you’re enjoying, tag @askctfoods, and share it on Instagram. From there, a representative will respond with a list of the ingredients and instructions on how to make it. (more at PSFK)

Why I’m Curious

So far there’s only been about 18 photos shared with @askctfoods, but the level of detail they’re providing (though I can’t read the Swedish) is great. The campaign is a nice way for CT to position themselves as experts in Asian food in Sweden and really offer something valuable to the brand. Though it could prove to be quite difficult to launch a similar campaign on a larger scale, I love the idea of being able to ask a question with a picture and receive a detailed answer from someone who knows (the length of text Instagram allows really helps this). I’m curious to see how this dialogue could possibly continue past the exchange of the recipe – maybe a top Instagram chef competition?


Share your thoughts.

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