3D Printing Vending Machine Coming Soon

Dreambox is hoping to fuel the 3D-printing movement with a Redbox-esque machine.

Founders David Pastewka, Ricard Berwick and Will Drevno, founded their idea in college when they realized there was a lack of accessible, on-campus 3D printing options and the two- to four-week lead time for online 3D printing services.


Via Mashable:

“Having an item 3D printed with a Dreambox is as simple as uploading or choosing a design online, clicking the ‘Print’ button and retrieving the item once it’s ready,” the group states. Users can also upload designs via a USB stick at the machine. If they don’t have their own 3D models, customers can select one from a catalog of designs or use one of the many apps that help customize a model. Once an item is selected for printing, it’s sent to the nearest Dreambox and added to the queue.

Upon completion, the object is automatically removed from the build surface and dispensed into a private locker within the machine. The customer is then alerted via text that their creation is ready for pick-up. The text also includes a unique code to open the locker.

Why I’m Curious:

From dry cleaners to package pick-up to electronics, vending and automation is a growing  retail format to meet the on-demand, need-it-now nature of consumers.  It’s also interesting to see how 3D printing is becoming more common and accessible.





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