Would You Pay for Online Movies By Watching Ads?


Would you stream a series of ads, surveys, and games if it meant you could catch up on the last season of Downtown Abbey for free? Well, you can do just that with a new service called HitBliss, that allows users to pay to watch movies and TV shows by watching ads.

The service is divided into two platforms: the Hitbliss Store and Hitbliss Earn. The store is essentially like any other content platform where customers can rent and stream content for a few bucks. But the other option with HitBliss is signing up for Earn, which has been nicknames “Pandora for ads.” Basically, you set up a profile for HitBliss to target ads to (which it supplements with your search data like Google does), and then tune to earn viewing points. Interesting twist is, you have to pay attention. HitBliss checks in while you’re viewing your ad stream to make sure you’re paying attention, and awards trust points to attentive viewers. (more at TechCrunch)

Why I’m Curious

Seems like a win-win. Advertisers pay to put their ad on a platform where it’s guaranteed interaction. And HitBliss customers get to watch their movies and shows for free. But I’m curious to see how many people will be open to this type of transaction. Personally, I wouldn’t mind tuning into a few ads if I could watch a movie for free later.


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