What does a keyboard have to do with brand image?

In order to promote its spirit of adventure among potential buyers, Land Rover came up with a cost-effective idea to reach its potential buyers in Dubai.

The campaign: Prospective Land Rover owners tend to be hard-working white-collar workers, spending hours hunched over their PC keyboards. So Land Rover sent them the Land Rover LR4 Escape Key. People were invited to replace the ‘Esc’ key on their computer keyboard with this button -the shape of a miniature Land Rover, so they were constantly reminded that the Land Rover LR4 represents escape.

Result: Land Rover sent out 2,400 buttons to prospective customers, which led to the number of queries about the vehicle nearly tripling. Meanwhile, test drives increased by 208%.

Why I’m curious:

This is a pretty slight effort but a clever way for Land Rover to bring home the ‘escape’ message. Considering how much time people spend on desktop PCs, this is a smart way of turning everyday objects into a free media channel. Even they only sent out a limited amount of buttons, the potential chances of people Instagram, Facebook and Tweet about this effort extend the reach beyond the initial 2,400.


One thought on “What does a keyboard have to do with brand image?

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