Movie Trailer Made of GIFs

Even though Vine had a successful launch (even resulting in a short film made out of Vine videos, the GIF continues to grow in popularity, and has recently been used to create a promo for the new movie Stoker.

From PSFK,

Fox Searchlight set up the microsite ‘Letters To India‘ where visitors can check out exclusive shots and animations from the movie.

Each GIF can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, and the site has been updated each week with a new exclusive animation. As these GIFs proved popular, the studio decided to use them to craft a TV spot to celebrate the release of the film on March 1st.

Why I’m Curious

While it’s a cool idea to begin with, I think the real success is how the TV spot came to be. Not only did Fox Searchlight tease animations of the movie over a period of time to gain momentum and satisfy returning visitors, but sharing each GIF on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr results in that much more engagement and awareness. I doubt it would have been made into a TV spot if it lived on a microsite alone. I would assume the virality was a result of the social tie-in.

Although we might not be able to replicate something quite like this for our clients, I think it’s important to remember the importance of social sharing, and how that can impact the success of campaigns.


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