In 20 years I only have 11 friends?

The Sundance Channel needed a unique way to promote their new show Rectify.  Here’s a summary of the show from Creative Loafing Atlanta:

Scheduled for broadcast in 2013, “Rectify’s” six-episode first season follows Daniel Holden (Australian actor Aden Young), a former Death Row inmate released after nearly two decades when DNA evidence casts doubt on his conviction for the rape and murder of his 16 year-old girlfriend. With flashbacks to his Death Row experiences, “Rectify” will explore his difficulties at reintegrating with his family and hometown after 19 years of changes, along with the opposition of powerful political figures invested in his conviction. The premise sounds kinda-sorta like Showtime’s “Homeland,” which also follows a sympathetic yet enigmatic central character’s struggle to adjust to society following years of confinement.

In order to promote the show, they created an experience called My Life in 20 Years.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 11.16.58 AM






Why I’m Curious?

This is a great example of the melding of original content generated by connecting your Facebook account to the experience and content that’s related to the show.  I think they do an excellent job of creating a really deep and rich experience that leverages Facebook connect in a non-Facebook experience.


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