Enhancing Service through Innovation

In a demo at the TED conference in Long Beach, California, Delta showed off a concept shower that could be used to help passengers recover from jet lag. It uses light to alter the body’s internal clock, similar to the Re-Timer glasses.

The ‘Photon Shower’ is a light chamber designed by Wieden + Kennedy New York with the help of sleep expert Dr. Russell Foster, who held a talk at TED to outline his research on how light can be used to realign our body clocks after long flights.

Travelers can input their flight information into the ‘Photon Shower’ and it will adjust for their individual needs based on flight time and what their body is feeling.

Ad Age reports that it provides a light sequence that recreates the effects of sunlight to alleviate jet lag and provide a pick-me-up for tired travelers. In the future, the shower could be an offering by the airline to help improve the flying experience.

Why I am Curious?

Ideas that seem crazy can become reality and they can be invented by us. Technology and data make anything possible, the connectivity of this shower is very interesting, I wonder if it works? It pays off Delta’s brand and positions W+K as true innovators by bridging customer need states, product innovation and data.


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